Product Safety

At CM School Supply, children’s safety is our top priority, and we understand that it’s also the primary concern of our guests. That's why we want to assure you that we take rigorous steps to ensure that all our products are safe and meet the highest safety standards.

Since our establishment in 1972, CM School Supply has always been at the forefront of safety. We comply with all current US safety regulations, and we have our in-house Quality Assurance Team that tests and inspects every item we carry with even more stringent standards than those required by law. We don't carry any product that doesn't meet or exceed all government safety requirements.

For us, safety starts at the conception of every new product idea. We ensure that all the materials we use are safe and compliant with regulations such as phthalate-compliant, BPA-compliant, and lead content compliant. We also conduct extensive "use and abuse" testing to ensure that our products remain safe even after years of everyday use.

After a product passes our rigorous testing, we have it tested and certified by a third-party laboratory. We also continue to monitor the safety of our products through periodic testing, both internally and by third-party labs, to ensure that our suppliers maintain the high level of integrity we demand of our materials.

At CM School Supply, the safety of children always comes first. You can trust that all our products are safe and of superior quality, and we'll continue to do everything possible to provide you with products you can trust with your children.

-CM Team