CM School Supply offers a comprehensive solution for creating fully equipped classrooms, called Turnkey Classrooms. Our service includes design, delivery, and installation of all the necessary furniture, equipment, and supplies needed for any classroom. What sets us apart is that we offer this service at no cost to the customer. Instead, they work with manufacturers to negotiate better pricing, which they then pass on to their clients. With Turnkey Classrooms, schools can create the perfect learning environment without the hassle of managing multiple vendors or worrying about hidden costs.

Sales Support

Meet with our team to dicuss your needs. Let us see your space and we can do the rest. We will work within your budget to complete your Turnkey Clasroom.

Custom Classroom Design

At CM School Supply, we provide a classroom-planning service that includes 3-D designs and furnishing solutions. You can select from our popular layouts or get a FREE custom 3-D layout designed by our expert team.

Turnkey Installation

At CM School Supply, we offer turnkey classrooms that come with our signature VIP treatment. When your order is delivered, our supervised teams take care of everything, from start to finish, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Please note that certain restrictions may apply.

Room Designs + Layouts

Our designers consider children's learning and development needs first and design to accommodate them with practical solutions

We strive to create a welcoming and visually appealing look throughout every early learning space

One shipment makes set-up quicker and easier

We can streamline customer service for your entire room, with a single phone call

To get started simply download the room design request form, fill it out, and email or fax it back to us. This form asks for specific information about your room and your vision and objectives for the space. Once we receive the filled out form, our professional design team will then develop design plan and a list of recommended furniture options—at absolutely no cost to you.

Download the Room Design Request Form

Social Distance Classroom

Grade 3-6 Mixed Room

Kindergarten Room 1

Kindergarten Room 2

Kindergarten Room 3

Preschool Room 1

Preschool Room 2

Preschool Room 3

Elementary Room

Toddler Room

Montessori Area

Montessori Area 2

Toddler Area

Dramatic Play Area

Dramatic Play Area 2

Pre-K Art Area

Kindergarten Art Area

Pre-K Literacy Area

Elementary Literacy Area

Literacy Area

Infant Area


Tech Area

Children's Area in Waiting Room 1

Children's Area in Waiting Room 2

Children's Area in Waiting Room 3

Waiting Room

Teacher's Area

Storage Area 1

Storage Area 2

Science + Sensory Area

Young Time Area

KYDZ Suite Infant Area

KYDZ Suite Elementary Area

KYDZ Suite Welcome Area

KYDZ Suite School Age Area